INTERNET: Wembley Park (PunkRocket)

Wembley Park came from the infamous ‘’, which received widespread press interest during the World Cup ‘98. (We even got interviewed by Dope sheet on C4 and articles in the News of World and the Daily Express!). was created by myself and Chris 'Mac' Morrison which included the incredibly popular Kick'em game where you were David Beckham and you had 30secs to see how many Argies you could kick!

Wembley Park was a topical and satirical cartoon series about football and the English team. The series got commissioned by E4 and is still on the C4 website. We formed a separate company called PunkRocket and new animators/scriptwriters Nick Bailey, Nick Harop and Dave Watson brought it alive under incredibly tight deadlines..

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[LAUNCH] The series is still on the C4 site




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