I’m a trained graphic designer and have always been interested in the moving image and narratives. What is a brand but a story told over a period of time? At the moment I am exploring various different project, ranging from mobile, animation, film and the Internet.

I found the Internet while working for the technology company Ovum. I fell in love immediately. Keen to get into the Internet, I joined SMS where I consulted on the first Capital Radio website. During the madness of the boom I worked at SYZYGY where I led various large high profile sites for Cartoon Network, Pepsi and Pedigree.

In ’98 I decided to form with Chris ‘Mac’ Morrison and Emma Foster, focusing on advertising and content. We created a fantastic company from scratch and worked with some amazing clients. After successfully merging incline with Good Technology in 2003, I decided that it was time to focus on new projects. I’ve moved to Cardiff where I have already completed two short films and improved my surfing.


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