My experience of running my own company as creative director means that I have headed up a wide variety of projects across mediums. The work in this section is a mixture of past and present projects, where you can see the evolution towards film and animation. Whether it’s shorts for PS2 or Wembley Park, (a cartoon series commissioned by E4,) a narrative approach has always been central to my work.

Since spending more time focusing on personal work my first two projects have been the finalist at the short film festival "Eat My Shorts" and excepted for onedotzero which has been called "the most crucial, groundbreaking festival of the early 21st century" [guardian film unlimited].

If you would like to talk further about the projects I am now working on, or would like to talk about a project you have in development drop me a note.


 Doodle Dudes 

 The barking blue dog 

 Click Me 

 Gambler's intitution 

 Wembley Park 

 PlayStation Football 

 PS2: Installation disk