FILM: Wembley Park

Wembley Park was a topical and satirical cartoon series about the English football team and pretty much anything else. Although Wembley Park was an Internet project, it felt more like a TV series and got shown on C4 on Friday nights.

For me it was the first time that I realised that I really wanted to focus my career in film and TV. I came up with the concept and wrote the first episodes, which I also animated, sadly these are lost in the mists of time. It is a shame that I couldn't get more involved in the E4 project, but such is life. We formed a separate company called PunkRocket and new animators/scriptwriters Nick Bailey, Nick Harop and Dave Watson brought it alive under incredibly tight deadlines.

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[LAUNCH] The series is still on the C4 site

 Doodle Dudes 

 The barking blue dog 

 Click Me 

 Gambler's intitution 

 Wembley Park 

 PlayStation Football 

 PS2: Installation disk