FILM: PS2 Football, Streaker shorts

Yes that is me naked! These three shorts were created as part of a site we created for the UEFA Champions league. (See Internet section for more details.) The actor dropped out at the last minute so as Director I felt that I had to step in. In the end I seemed to master the technic of falling over. We had to rewrite the script on the spot as half the footballers wouldn’t stay behind. Despite all the problems we ended up with something that worked really well. Thanks to Craig Griffith who was cameraman and held things together as I scampered across the field.

[LAUNCH] Streaker One: Watch out for the bag
[LAUNCH] Streaker Two: What a celebration!
[LAUNCH] Streaker Three: A slip up


 Doodle Dudes 

 The barking blue dog 

 Click Me 

 Gambler's intitution 

 Wembley Park 

 PlayStation Football 

 PS2: Installation disk