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Probably my favourite piece of work was a game we created for the FT Extendaword was created to support the launch of a new service on ‘News Alerts’. The aim was to create a game that highlighted the need to find the right word.

The objective was to create a simple game that was original and that had a similar appeal to a crossword puzzle. The game also needed to be something that could fit into a busy business life. It needed to be challenging yet accessible.

The game plays to the strength of the Internet. Users join a team-based game played via email and the web. The design of the gaming experience is simple, focusing on game play rather than excessive intrusive graphics. The game achieved a core (obsessive) set of players who created their own tactics and approaches.

I've also listed a link to the first piece of work that we did with the FT, this was the first superstitial to run in the UK and also won Campaign's "New Media" Award.

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[LAUNCH] Superstitial





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