PlayStation: Sport on PlayStation

Sport on PlayStation was launched in the summer of 2004, with the aim of making the most of an amazing summer of sport. And to get people to realise that their PS2 could be used for more than just shoot 'em ups! The site was put together under a punishing deadline. (Alex Light was a superstar.)

The site had two main sections, the first being a directory of all PS2 sports titles and the second being a tongue in cheek look at what it meant to be a champion. Some of the .PDFs produced were fab. I was CD on the project I creating the overall concept, design executed by Mark Taplin and Jeremy Mac Lynn.

[LAUNCH] Screenshots
[LAUNCH] PDF - D.I.Y. trophy [.zip file 1.1MB]
[LAUNCH] PDF - Champion voucher [.zip file 1.1MB]
[LAUNCH] PDF - Hat of shame [.zip file 1.1MB]




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